From managing 300+ person tech conferences to 300-million+ media programs, Scott goes all in, works 10 hour days and delivers results. (Please allow time for this page to load due to the large number of images)








** Scott Douglas Redmond has won numerous federal patent awards, Congressional awards, innovation awards, federal grants, commendations and has received hundreds of letters of references from top policy leaders, corporate executives, past clients and employers. Keynote speaker: Global Summit for Project Innovation National Convention.






** Scott Douglas Redmond Produced a large number of major urban electro-optical programs for millions of live and webcast participants. These Lumiascape (tm) programs set many event and technical records for "firsts". Scott directed, designed, developed and engineered these presentations, including the lighting that inspired the modern permanent lighting of the Palace of Fine Arts, the first urban multi-county light concert and the first-time lighting of numerous architectual structures.


 https://resume111.net/public/.FST-PROTO-3-W-LID_s.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.CAR1_s.jpg

https://resume111.net/public/.SILVERBLUESHOOTOUT_s.jpg   https://resume111.net/public/.ION_DRIVE_FLYING_CAR_s.jpg   

** Vehicle systems, energy production and storage technologies created by Scott Douglas Redmond. Scott won numerous federal patent awards, Congressional awards, innovation awards, federal grants and broke energy storage records. Developer, manager of one of the first, patented, lightest weight, lowest cost-to-manufacture, safest electric car technologies. Keynote Co-speaker: TechTextile material science convention, Las Vegas. Designed & patented the first end-to-end fuel cell energy system, now an industry standard Built in cooperation with the U.S. Government. Over 40 products have been built by third parties and client's, based on Scott's seminal first-use patents and prototypes.


https://resume111.net/public/.9874385_orig_s.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.img495_s.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.SWHWORIG_077_s.jpg

** Scott Douglas Redmond designed, built and patented some of the first video-on-demand hardware devices.





** Scott Douglas Redmond Produced One of Ray Charles Last Outdoor Concerts. It was presented for 200,000+ live audience members in the San Francisco Polo Fields.



** Scott Douglas Redmond and his Team produced, developed, and/or engineered and delivered fully functional software that was first-to-market and first-of-its-kind in media, video-on-demand, VR, IT, P2P, Aerospace, Telecom, medical and other industries. 



** Scott Douglas Redmond was the Artistic Director For hundreds of projects. He created and over-the-shoulder directed visualization artists from Disney, LucasFilm, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and other graphics arts leaders to show his concept ideas for future deliverables. Scott has produced original art for many of his projects.


https://resume111.net/public/.BTB10_s.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.footstock_s.jpg



** Scott Douglas Redmond was the Founding Producer For Footstock. Footstock was a 200,000+ person rapid-built city, concert and public event like Woodstock. Scott produced it for over a decade on 2.5 million square feet of space in San Francisco.


https://resume111.net/public/.promoorig_197_s.jpg  https://resume111.net/public/6572419-1.jpg https://resume111.net/public/inflatb5.jpg

** Scott Douglas Redmond and his Team designed and built numerous pressure-membrane air structures for PR, aerospace and vehicular uses.




** Scott Douglas Redmond has donated a portion of his resources to charity and community service each year as Producer and Logistics Coordinator for many major projects. Executive director: The Family Foundation. Benefiting child, animal, medical and social issues. Patent awarded as “First Developer” of iPhone™ and cell phone P2P Ad hoc multi-antenna/modem networking. Used in refugee crisis centers. His mobile App, “Democri-C” , with help from Steve Job’s office at Apple Computer, was the first refugee to-peer software in the world, in use for disaster communications and regime change worldwide. He has received multiple issued patents on the technology, later followed by the App: “Corruption Disruption”



** Scott Douglas Redmond delivered some of the first online digital social networks before Facebook, Google, MySpace and other 2nd generation social networks even existed as companies. Development, launch and public marketing of TechMate ™, one of the first-ever online social networks years before Google, Facebook or Yahoo were formed. Advertised in national newspapers. Confirmed by Secretary of State, dated NDA’s and email data. Developer, designer, patent winner, engineer, founder operating online social media companies with state and federal registration documentation prior to 1976 (Mark Zuckerberg was only born in 1984).





** Scott Douglas Redmond was one of the promotional graphics coordinators for Olympic-type events and major media launches including the creation of novel new media technologies.






** Scott Douglas Redmond helped coordinate the conversion of Fort Mason Center from a WW2 dump to one of the leading public spaces in the nation. Scott's events broke attendance records, use statistics and "first-ever" records under Scott's producership. Developed community major events facilities and logistics for Fort Mason Center’s multi-million dollar rehabilitation effort with National Park Service.





** Scott Douglas Redmond was Creative Director and Operations Lead on numerous large public promotions which delivered huge media coverage for his clients at a very attractive cost-per-person for advertisers.




** Before YouTube, Hulu, Vudu, Netflix Streaming, Sony VUE, Napster, Bittorrent or Kontiki existed, Scott had already delivered Clickmovie.com. Clickmovie did everything that those later competitors did before any of them even existed. Scott Douglas Redmond recived multiple US patents confirming him as first-to-invent and deliver web video-on-demand. Developed, launched & patented first global low-bandwidth, DVD-quality internet broadcasting network and delivered the system and multiple working software packages prior to any other online video system of it’s kind. Web products and sites included: ClickMovie.com, Personal Producer, The Trailer Park and others. Featured by company name in Sony Pictures federal patent filings as inspiration for Sony VUE and Sony online video products. First to present Internet VOD to the largest film studios in Hollywood. Designed web video on demand system for one of the largest Hollywood Studios. Developer, designer, patent winner, engineer of the first internet media-on-demand broadcasting web-site, now emulated globally, and in use by billions of internet users


https://resume111.net/public/.STARPOD_t.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.STAR-RANGER--20_t.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.STAR-RANGER-10_t.jpg

https://resume111.net/public/.STAR-RANGER-12_t.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.STAR-RANGER-13_t.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.STAR-RANGER-14_t.jpg 


** Scott Douglas Redmond was the Producer, Director, Author of "STAR RANGER". This award-winning film was the first 3D VR theme park ride film produced entirely on PC computers instead of Linux workstations. Scott won "best producer/ director" from Three D Design Magazine in a national contest.




** Scott Douglas Redmond was the Logistics Director for over a decade with the SF Blues Festival. It was one of the National Park Service's longest running public heritage events and featured the world's most renown performers.



** Scott Douglas Redmond Provided The Special Effects For Grace Slick's Album Cover.




** Scott Douglas Redmond: Developer, Patent Winner, Producer and Innovator for key VR, tactical and flight simulator industry "firsts" including the "Holodeck/Cave VR Chamber", VR Glasses wearables, CyberChair, the "First VRML" and Tactile VR Surfaces. First to invent and show iPhone™ wearable VR headset integrating iPhone™ into goggles as the display and position sensor





** Scott Douglas Redmond was Creative Director and Founder of THE NOWHOUSE at The San Francisco Giants Stadium. Scott has led numerous novel construction projects, Presented LIVE and nationally via CNET and the NAHB, millions of people learned about the latest construction technologies with this Smart Home program which was donated to the City of San Francisco and the Alice Griffith Community Center and moved by barge to become a permanent community center. Scott's project was the inspiration for the Better Homes & Gardens TV series, which also featured Scott. This 2100 Sq. Foot, two story home filled with state-of-the-art smart-home technology had a Bay Area market value of $3M. Using modern rapid-build technologies it was erected and completed in 35 days!



https://resume111.net/public/1368740489-1__2_.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.1601550_orig_s.jpg



** Scott has developed and worked on numerous aerospace deployment and launch systems including: EARTHSTAR. EARTHSTAR was the first orbital visual communications and promotional satellite designed to be Earth-visible to the ordinary person and then burn up in an atmospheric fireworks show. A massive mylar inflatable was designed using old military rockets for boost. The launch company launched America's first private commercial rocket. Scott has launched numerous balloons to near-space and designed a MARS landing system for the first MARS Lander. NASA first rejected his airbag landing system for being 'too exotic' but, later, NASA discovered that the airbag landing system was the only one that worked. The airbags were, indeed, the system that finally delivered the first lander to MARS. Scott also won federal patents over NASA's earlier patents, for electronic ion propulsion technology.


https://resume111.net/public/.symphcloud1_s.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.string_s.jpg

https://resume111.net/public/.db_XBalnblur1__3__s.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.hyattsymph_s.jpg

** AMERICAN CLOUD on top of the Hyatt Regency By Scott Douglas Redmond. A space-expansion sculpture to promote the San Francisco Symphony and help raise funds for Symphony program out-reach.










** Scott Douglas Redmond has won numerous federal patent awards, Congressional awards, innovation awards, federal grants, commendations and has received hundreds of letters of references from top policy leaders, corporate executives, past clients and employers. A patent is like a little lawsuit with the U.S. Government. You file a notice that you have invented something. Then the U.S. Government files a notice back to you saying "nope, no you didn't, prove it..." Then you file things that prove that you were the first, orginal, inventor of that thing. Then the U.S. Government uses it's entire compliment of investigation and research tools to confirm if you were really the inventor. You can't just "pay some money and get a patent". In those rare cases when the U.S. Government awards you a patent, it means that the entire U.S. Government has decided to stand behind you and say: "Yep, we checked it out, this guy really is the one who invented this thing!". Getting a patent is a big deal because it means that years of federal investigation has confirmed that you really were the one who created that thing. Scott has a top track record for predicting high-volume-use future product designs with accurate futurism and exacting trend projection outcome analysis. Scott files a portion of new inventions as patent claims and maintains a non-disclosed portion of the invention under confidential "trade secret" process and then delivers the entire IP suite to his clients and employers.





https://resume111.net/public/.mayornow_s.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.MAYORSF_s.jpg

** Recipient of multiple Mayoral, White House, client and Senate proclamations. Awarded top grant by U.S. Congress in the Iraq War Bill as Listed in the Federal Register.




https://resume111.net/public/.Copy_of_CGWORLD02_s.jpg https://resume111.net/public/.107310_orig_s.jpg

** Developer, designer, patent winner, engineer of the first integrated virtual reality system.





** Winner of “Scientists Helping America” award from DARPA





** Scott received multiple issued patents for the first extrusive 3D tactile surface technology for virtual, tele-present and augmented reality


https://resume111.net/public/.ION_DRIVE_3_t.jpg  https://resume111.net/public/.ion4_t.jpg


** Developed and patented electronic propulsion technology which superseded a NASA patent, according to the U.S. Patent Office, by being proven to work, and to work better than the NASA design. Produced atmospheric and non-atmospheric thrust at functional payload tolerances. Delivered video of a 4 foot version of one of the craft to the U.S. Patent Office showing the craft in flight in the conference room in Intel's top patent office and witnessed by top Silicon Valley patent lawyers.


https://resume111.net/public/.3992183_orig_s.jpg  https://resume111.net/public/.5464692_orig_s.jpg

** Associate speaker: National Education Conference- Chicago






** Facility manager: Showplace Square commercial design and architectural resources center as personal manager to founder, Henry Adams




** Developed and designed the first touring, motion-based, portable theme park, PC-based interactive video attraction for the national stadium NFL Network Tour for MCI and FOX Sports. Producer, designer for the world’s first 360 degree multi-axis rotation full-immersion flight & movement simulator powered entirely by a PC. Sold globally




** First to develop, patent and demo peer-to-peer and particulated file media delivery. A global standard for large file delivery as shown in United States patent filings, federal records, filed records, industry reports and other documented proofs of invention. (See Firechat, Napster, Bittorrent, Kontiki, Vudu, MS Avalanche, etc.)


1368746034-1 (2).jpg

** First to develop, patent and demo mobile media device PDA form factor and architecture and to demonstrate VOD on HP IPAQ PDA. Beat Apple iPhone by 3 years prior patent filings. Challenged Apple to produce earlier proof of work or research and Apple was unable to comply. Developer, designer, patent winner, Engineer and first filing, as confirmed by federal government, for hand-held, color, touch-screen MP3 player/smartphone.




** Created one of the first online “design-to-build” technology for modern home design and construction. Scott was featured in the reality TV series about the project on Discovery Home Channel with Better Homes & Gardens.




** Developer, designer, patent winner, engineer for the first VR and computer-as-wearable-glasses product and consultant for Oliver Stone’s Wild Palms project. Featured guest on national TV, including this E! Entertainment special, ten years before Google even discussed "Google Glass".









** Initiative sponsor: THE USA JOBS ACT, which was signed into federal law. Initiative sponsor for multiple legal precedents which have improved the public law process and created new national legal standards in support of the public interest.




** Emergency Response Producer/Coordinator in charge of creating the Loma Prieta disaster recovery hotline center for the Bay Area Earthquake Disaster. This involved a middle-of-the-night forced entry to KQED studios and around-the-clock activation of mass-density phone-lines, comms systems, counselors, logistics and resources deployment on one hour notice.



** Producer of the largest-crowd event ever held in Golden Gate Park up to 2010. Scott built a city for 300,000 people including all safety, communications, sanitation, signage, structures, emergency services, displays, food, beverage and related logistics services and installed a permanent emergency communications system for future use as a disaster recovery venue.


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