Clips from some of the reference letters:

References From Past Clients, Reviewers and Partners


Original letters on file


"Everything was just terrific. Needless to say, without your help we wouldn't have had an event at all. My sincere thanks for a great job."

- The Public Relations Bank


"...highly motivated, extremely cost conscious, efficient and ...pleasant ...I commend ...the excellent work ...done for the National Park Service and recommend ..."

- General Superintendent, United States Department of the Interior

National Park Service


You have accomplished something incredible...”
- NPR Radio Interview


"Thanks again for your valuable participation in our Lasers for Live Performance workshop. Your insights truly rounded out the program and gave our members interested in management and design another perspective on which to base their performance decisions."

- Northern California Association for Theater Techniques


"Well planned and coordinated ... cooperative and highly reliable. ...met every condition imposed by the city agencies and delivered ... exactly as planned."

- Recreation and Park Department, City and County of San Francisco


"As Mayor of San Francisco, I am pleased to have this opportunity to acknowledge the artistic efforts ..., and to congratulate and thank assisting artists and technicians."

- Mayor, San Francisco


"It was a pleasure working with you.. You knew exactly what had to be done...and you did it. Your work crew was marvelous too...from all of us, our sincere appreciation for all of your hard work."

- KNBR Radio


"I can't recall when I've had such good support by anyone as I did through your efforts for us every day and night of our extremely demanding production schedule...The film we're now editing for our May broadcast is everything I'd hoped it would be."

- DIRECTIONS, ABC Television Network


"...creative, dedicated and has pride in ...would do ...utmost to produce future events of even greater proportions and do them well."

- American Zoetrope


"It is always difficult to express hard work, hours and hours of exhaustive work, aching backs, in one letter. KYA Radio wishes to express their gratitude for your work, and your efforts that surpassed excellence."

- KYA Radio


"I think it's fantastic how you are able to pull off things that the rest of us could only dream of doing."

- Hyatt Regency


"Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for all your help... It was a pleasure to work with you."

- American Fairs Inc.


"I particularly appreciate your sticking to the time schedule and staying within the budget."

- K-101 Radio


"We are very appreciative for the excellent job you performed as show coordinator and for your technical assistance."



"We are particularly pleased with his ability to draw together diverse elements of this City's many communities including public officials and neighborhood associations."

- Fort Mason Foundation


"Just to let you know-I'm ecstatic that I discovered your existence."

- Serramonte Center


"I just wanted to officially thank you and tell you how nice its been to work with you."

- San Francisco Giants


"Your expertise in production and your ability to foresee many of the potential problems helped us to avoid any unpleasant situations. We want to let you know that everyone commented on what a pleasure it was to work with you."

- Planetree Health Resource Center


"It is always refreshing to be exposed to real talent and imagination. It is even more rewarding to be able to utilize this resource."

- AT&T Network Systems


"You and your team are terrific. We are proud of the results of your efforts and thank you for your dependability and know-how."

- Ramada Rennaissance


"God bless you, and God bless America."

- President, United States of America


"Many thanks for all the energy, time and sheer hard work ...put into the visit...of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II."

- Protocol Office, San Francisco


"I found your sketches very interesting.."

- Project Director, regarding telepresent systems in 1971, NASA Manned Spacecraft Center

Mars Landing Module System


"Just a note to "Thank You" for the magical effects you and your staff were probably too busy to take notice of the "ooh's" and "ah's" from below!"

- Chase Hamlin Associates


"San Francisco values greatly your record of many contributions to the public expressions of our vitality and our sense of fun, as well as the highly organized skills and creative techniques you have developed..."

- Mayor, San Francisco


"We are receiving letters from schools and letters from the teachers and community expressing the delight..."

- Sonoma County Office of Education


"You really outdid yourself and made this the greatest...ever"

- YTL Levikow Associates


" congratulations...He can rest assured that all his hard work was evident in the finished product."

- City Sports


"This is a belated but enthusiastic "thank you"."



"Your promotional materials describe (you) as the "link between the possible and the impossible"...I must say, you do live up to your reputation."

- Liberty House


"As the sponsor, please be assured that we are thrilled with your work and enthusiasm."

- Security Pacific National Bank


"I want to thank you very much for your excellent leadership and professionalism."

- San Francisco Blues Festival


"I'd like to extend my sincere appreciation for your direction, time, and logistical are an invaluable asset."



"Congratulations on a job well done!"

-San Francisco Examiner


"In spite of several last minute changes you were able to "pull-through" with polish and style...(it) was quite successful for Sprint".



"(the Team) delivered the "Micro" version of its Head Mount Sensory Interface (HMSI) for simulation, visualization, and immersive interactive media applications. The HMSI provides stereoscopic color images, spatial sound, position sensing, voice command, bio-feedback, and other computer/human factor solutions in one package. The first unit was delivered to a simulation software client in February as part of the first stage rollout of the unit for the GameGoggle device"

- Real Time Graphics


"(the Team) envisions pay-per-ride applications for the CyberPod. ... the system can connect to ImagiNET, an online computer service that provides some 3-D software programs. (the Team) says other third-party services can enable users to do "remote-traveling" by using their telephone lines or satellite dishes to retrieve video that visually transports them to another place Such systems could be used to simulate riding in a submarine, flying in a jet fighter, or orbiting the Earth."

- Robb Report


"(the Team)...The Cyberchair has a VR helmet, so you too can zip about the galaxy in comfortable style-aside from "additional sensory effects" like explosion thumps, cold jets of air, hot flushes and low frequency rumble."

- Mondo 2000


"The United States Army is scheduled to award...(the Team)..a contract this month to develop a hybrid virtual reality interface that will allow individual infantrymen to directly participate in large-scale simulation exercises".

- Silicon Graphics World


"...regarding your company's virtual reality network. I appreciated hearing from you, and I sincerely regret the delay in my reply...Companies like yours are the foundation upon which this nation's economic growth and competitiveness rests."

- Vice President Al Gore on White House letterhead


"Please be assured that your views will be considered fully as I work with the President on this (electronic superhighways) issue."

- Vice President Al Gore on White House letterhead


"(the Team) is testing its VR network, Instead of viewing piped-in worlds on your TV set while wearing a...helmet, you watch your computer monitor play a simulation game while wearing (the Team)s lightweight stereoscopic glasses with audio headphones."

- Garage Virtual Reality book


"(the Team) announced a major step towards the future of consumer access to virtual reality, by demonstrating and shipping a family of computer based systems which allow users to work or play together inside synthetic digital worlds, even while physically located in different locations."

- C3i News


"(the Team) announced they are developing for the US Army a virtual reality environment that will, for the first time, allow individual soldiers to directly participate in large-scale simulation exercises. the new Dismounted Infantry Virtual Environment (or DIVE) will reportedly allow full, unencumbered immersion in a battle environment and will generate impacts on the environment based on each soldier's actions. Although DIVE will initially be used in military applications, the companies expect it will provide a foundation for entertainment, medical, and scientific applications, including a new generation of "virtual laser tag" arcade games."

- Computer Graphics World


"(the Team) (San Francisco) (has) been notified by the US Army of award of a contract to develop a hybrid virtual reality interface...The DIVE system will for the first time, incorporate the following technological components:

* An instrumented room with multiple video cameras for video-based tracking and orientation estimation, which will track the key body joints of an immersed soldier without tethers, body suits, or other restrictive equipment.

* An ultra-lightweight, wireless head-mounted-display including spatial sonics.

* An extremely high-speed real-time image generation system, capable of generating and rendering body models of immersed users, and combining those models with synthetic digital environments.

* A digital signal processing based spatial sound synthesis and generation system.

* Virtual weapons and software that will provide the immersed user with the ability to "fire" at simulated targets, with simulated results that account for standard effects such as ordnance type, gun elevation and wind.

* Networking capability to interconnect individual DIVE modules for squad/platoon level exercises, and to connect DIVE modules to the Distributed Simulation Internet via standard protocol data units.

* Intelligent agents which respond to human voice commands to simulate an entire squad or platoon under the leadership of a DIVE-immersed human commander."

- Electronic Warfare Digest


"According to (the Team) ..., users at (the Team) enjoy the flexibility of the Autodesk CDK finding that hardware performance and configuration issues of the past are no longer a significant consideration for potential immersive visualization users. (the Team) has configured numerous systems providing great performance, running CDK with standard hardware and software utilities."

- Autodesk corporate 4-color national marketing brochure


"...the first consumer network offering multi-users the ability to see true 3-D stereoscopic imagery, turn their heads to look around the digital world, view photo-realistic texture maps, and interact other users simultaneously."

- Virtual Reality Report


"The HMSI Head Mounted Sensory Interface device is a Personal Simulator component for supplying sensory information and accepting voice commands. The HMSI is ergonomically designed as a light weight, non-intrusive, information input/output device for standard video, audio, voice, and 6-D position tracking systems. The design accommodates a range of sophistication including full-D stereoscopic visuals, 360 degree audio, voice command user interface, facial muscle transponders, and optional 6-D head tracking interface. The HMSI may also be operated in a wireless mode and/or in a multi user configuration with other HMSI devices."

- Real Time Graphics


"(the Team) has developed a "micro" version of its Head Mount Sensory Interface (HMSI) for simulation, visualization, and immersive interactive media applications. The unit looks like wrap-around sunglasses, but it delivers color images and spatial sound and is equipped with position sensing, voice command abilities, biofeedback, and other computer/human factor solutions in one integral package."

- AI Expert


"(the Team): Modello HMSI."



"The HMSI can run wireless, as power is generated by a battery pack, with the installed option to link directly to normal AC power. The HMSI enables the user to view computer-generated images in stereoscopic 3D form. Interaction can be achieved via mouse, gesture sensor, head-tracking system, or voice commands relayed by an installed voice-command unit."

- AI Expert


"You peer through the goggles, seeing a town far below. Then with a quick twist of the wrist, you're diving toward Main Street, swooping and banking through the sleepy village. It's like a dream of flying but with complete control. Stepping back from the viewer in the local office of Silicon Graphics Inc. is disorienting. So that's what they mean by "virtual reality." It's a stunning experience. But equally astonishing is the idea that fantastic voyages formerly reserved for high-tech researchers will soon be possible in the local mall, or even your living room. "The hype is over and the real applications are coming in the very immediate future," says (the Team) .. in San Francisco. A bevy of companies - Silicon Graphics among them- are designing home terminals for the information highway, but (the Team) is likely to be at the forefront when it comes to bringing virtual reality gaming, education, conferencing, and the like into the home. The company has been building arcade games for 20 years; last week it showed the industry its CyberPod, a 3-D system that can be used as the core of a variety of games. More importantly, it's been creating a variety of pieces - stereo goggles, dual-image computer display adapters, and a consumer-oriented simulation network - that will let couch potatoes fly….(the Team), which consists of a core of 10 employees working with 150 contract developers, is in talks on licensing of the ImagiNET technology with most of the large telecommunications companies that are planning high-capacity data pipes into the home. The way to make it make sense to the volume user just kind of "clicked in' in the boardrooms recently," he said, "Interactive, as opposed to "pump at you," hadn't been in the business plan." But it became apparent that we were seeing a "sociological and industrial revolution," he said.

(the Team)'s home gear relies on its patented Head Mounted Sensory Interface, which provides high-resolution stereo video and sound, linked to the position of the wearer's head. For starters, (the network) lets owners of moderately powerful PCs call in and romp through "synthetic digital worlds" with others around the world. In the future, (the Team)sees it as a "one-stop source" - the gateway to theme parks, video on demand, shopping, training, and other information-based activities.

- The Baltimore Sun


"(the Team) showed us a prototype of the tactile feedback wall modules. The unit we saw was an aluminum box with one face covered in a soft, compliant rubber-like material, about two-thirds the size of a brick. An antenna protruded from one end, and, according to (the Team), received DXF file descriptions, which were displayed on the soft face as 3D representations of silhouette-like shapes. We saw (or rather, felt) a small box and a crescent wrench displayed. The system changed rapidly, in about one second or less. It appeared that the display was made of an array of small pins, but (the Team) would not comment on its workings.

"(the Team)'s future is in telecommunication. "All of this is telecom technology, not just simulation technology," (the Team) explained. They are working with several entertainment and telecom companies to provide networked, wide-area VR. They want to provide a "Put it on, turn it on, and go" technology that will empower its users as controllers of their media environments. Toward that end, (the Team) and several partners are working to establish a basis for interconnects (local phone companies) to use a standard telecom interface to VR technology. This is necessary to enable on-line services to thrive.

- The CyberEdge Journal


"(the Team) is betting it can tap into a a generation of technologies who chatter over electronic bulletin boards. (the Team) wants to bring virtual reality tele-gaming into the home by the end of next year. It's working on systems with SRI International, U.S. Sprint, Autodesk, and others... Players in remote locations will compete in VR games by connecting to a tele-simulation service, through one of (the Team)'s Reality Ports or through a PC or MAC in their home. The Reality Port will be marketed to theme parks and arcades. It uses parallel 486's with Windows (moving to NT and Pentium), or Silicon Graphics Onyx workstations with a DOS shell. (the Team) is ready to license and ship versions for theme parks ($500,000) and arcades ($50,000). The 20-year-old company employs 150 independent contractors and has annual sales exceeding $500,000."



"(the Team) introduces micro version of Head Mount Sensory Interface. The unit looks like black wrap-around sunglasses and provides stereoscopic color images, spatial sound, position sensing, voice command, biofeedback, and other computer/human factor solutions in one integral package, company officials said.'

- Silicon Graphics World


"(the Team) is a supplier of some of the most advanced computer assisted interactive visualization systems. The visualization industry incorporates elements of multimedia, simulation, virtual reality, 3-D computing and telecommunications. The intuitive nature of (the Team)'s products allow the integration of the computer application and the user, with the goal of responding to the sociological need to become emotionally involved with the working environment. (the Team) has a number of unique selling positions that provide the Company with one-of-a-kind potential."

- Virtual Reality News


"(the Team)'s Cyberchair...Instead of dropping a coin into an arcade you will drop into virtual worlds"

- Richard Hart, The Next Step, Discovery Network, Television


"This kind of technology gives you emotional contact with your work...(the Team) is (shipping)..."

- E! Entertainment Network, International E! News Daily, Television


"((the Team)'s) hardware's impressive. Put on their 3D head mounted stereoscopic glasses equipped with speakers, then hook a special game unit into your telephone line..."

- Gamepro Magazine


If you liked VR.5, you’ll love Fox’s Virtual Reality Tour...”

- Fox Network, Nationwide prime-time series of television ads featuring Entertainment Rides and Software


Letters of reference, press clippings and audio-visual documentation on-file.