Article: CRISPR Has Already Created Break-through Medical Cures; In The Next Five Years You Will See Actual Medical Miracles

You can do CRISPR experiments in your own kitchen. You can grow frogs with hair or odd little creatures. The worry is that some oligarchs might grow cheerleaders or monsters in their Silicon Valley mansion basements. The oligarchs who have funded private genetic engineering start-ups have some of those secret start-ups working on weird things. Some of them believe that robots are a failed technology that can never replicate humans. They want to grow their own humans and human body parts. Is that a viable concern? What are the wonders and dangers of the new ultra-tech that anybody can experiment with? The feature film: HUMAN NATURE, examines this. You can find it at this link: Human Nature Documentary Film Official Page

While the Blade Runner films have invoked a frightening future for CRISPR, the reality so far, has shown cure-potential for cancer, AIDs and most everything else.


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Author: SDR_Team

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